Last change : 01.01.2022 

1 Introduction

This document is a specification for web service API integration for external clients. The web service API provides methods for creating shipments, printing labels, tracking and get static data.

To get technical support for the integration please send us an e-mail to and provide the following info:

  • Error context (if relevant)
  • Error message (if relevant)
  • and detailed explanation of the situation you need support for.

1.1 Scope

This document specifies Web Service API used to connect external customers to the core system functionality to create, print or track shipments and parcels, using available courier services with their limitations, additional services and options.

1.2 Terms And Conditions

Date data types referred in this document that contains actual dates (without time) should be passed as “yyyy-MM-dd” formatted string in the request. Date responses are in the same format.

Date data types referred in this document as datetime should be passed as “yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ssZ” formatted string in the request. Datetime responses are in the same format.

In JSON fields boolean values allowed are only “true/false”.

Response data structures may be changed in the future adding additional fields. Therefore, client applications should be able to accept unknown fields in responses for backward compatibility

1.3 Overview

The document specifies communication protocol for integration, which is request/response based over HTTP Secure.

The web service API requires an API key authentication for each method.

1.4 Swagger

Swagger Documentation :

2 Overall Description


2.1 Headers

This has to be included for all requests from this document.

X-Api-KeyTrueapikey provided by Innoship
api-versionTrueCurrent version is 1.0. so header should be: api-version=1.0

2.2 Test credentials

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